Black Widow was a Wonderful and Thrilling Addition To The MCU, and it Gets Bonus Points for Impeccable Use Of The Female Gaze.

Black Widow Official Movie Poster | Owned by Disney/Marvel

Natasha Romanoff has gone through many ups and downs as she's traveled through the timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At one point, she was the sole female Avenger, making her character one of interest for varying reasons.

However, there is much more to the Black Widow than what she…

I watched the trailer, and I was not disappointed. In fact, I’m cautiously optimistic.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Logo | Owned by Disney/Marvel

Spider-Man: No Way Home is one of the most highly-anticipated films of the MCU’s Phase 4. Ten years of content came to a dramatic culmination during Avengers: Endgame, and this left Marvel fans wondering about the future of the franchise. …

I laughed. I cheered. I nearly cried. This film is a masterpiece that marries fun and thematic depth. It’s a story about waking up. So, wake up.

Free Guy Official Movie Poster | 20th Century Studios

I just saw Free Guy. I haven’t had so much fun at the movies in ages.

Free Guy was created and distributed by the same studios that made Deadpool, meaning my expectations were exceptionally high when I first decided to buy my ticket.

A Little Bit Of A Rant, so I Apologize In Advanced.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Poster | Owned by Disney

I have a lot of thoughts on the recently released Disney+ Series, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. While it provided a lot of relevant social commentary and spread a lot of much-needed awareness, I feel that it failed to truly nurture the characters in its title.

The show was…

“After appearing multiple times as a plot device and a classic bad guy, Loki is offered a path toward redemption. A path he can control.”

Loki Original Series Poster | Owned by Disney

As many of you probably know, Loki was recently dropped on Disney+. I have been absolutely in love with his character from the very start of my Marvel journey. Introduced to him in Avengers, I was intrigued by his mysterious and (you guessed it) mischievous allure.

In movies to come…

“Gatsby was so stuck in the past, specifically at a time of great abundance, that he could not bear to believe in the present. This problem is one that is commonly shared by mankind, as it is obviously easier to focus on a pleasant past than live in an undesirable present and look to an unpredictable future.”

“The Great Gatsby” Original Movie Poster (2013)

The Great Gatsby is a brilliant work of American literature written by Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald in 1925. It was made into a film in 2013 by Baz Luhrmann, and starred Leonardo DiCaprio in the leading role of Jay Gatsby.

The majority of the story follows Nick as he traverses…

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